The project prefers methods that are based on discovery, because life is an experiment. Learning happens through personal interest and personal experiences, out of inquisitiveness. Our philosophy is to support innovative projects that are founded in trust; mistakes are considered a source of learning.

We believe that the individual projects and partnerships started in the course of the project will live on after the project has ended.

The following Guiding Principles (principles of learning) shape the work process:

  • Trust
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Discover, because life is an experiment
  • Respond to individual interests
  • Curiosity

Approaches to emphasize:

  • Development of better self-expression to aid appreciation of others
  • Versatile ways of presentation
  • Exhibitions: we welcome projects that can be disseminated to a larger audience
  • We promote the nonverbal languages of the arts to create freedom of communication, thereby opening up new paths to understanding each other.
  • Teamwork, necessitating team building and providing a foundation for effective cooperation
  • Using social media to close the gaps between cultural differences
  • Community work: we encourage initiatives in which different generations can cooperate and learn from each other
  • We support plans for taking project work outside the schools and addressing larger groups of society.
  • We prefer experimenting and learning as a discovery process, as opposed to a frontal transfer of information.