Cluster overview

Each of the four clusters will focus on one of the four main themes

Cluster D

Social responsibility and entrepreneurship …

… means for us the ability to perceive/foresee opportunities, to create solutions, engage others and realize your plans for the benefit of the individual and society

School 1
Financial – Banking College Chisinau, Moldova

School 2
Public Institution Secondary School of Economics Tuzla, B/H

School 3
Secondary mixed school "Beco Basic" Plav, Montenegro

School 4
Superior School of Commerce "N. Kretzulescu" Bucuresti, Romania

Cluster C

Sustainable development …

… is for us the unity of 3 aspects: ecology, economy and society and implies different methods in solving problems in order to live in a green, eco-friendly environment.

School 1
Biotecnical school centre
Naklo, Slovenia

School 2
Georgi Rakovski High School of Commerce Varna, Bulgaria

School 3
Kaufmaennische Schule
Geislingen, Germany

School 4
Secondary School of Economics Čačak, Serbia

Cluster B

Cultural dialogue …

… means for us a continues process of sharing correct information, exchanges experiences, learning common values, accepting and appreciating differences, being open to changes through communication.

School 1
Economy and Trade School
Bor, Serbia

School 2
Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Schule Tuttlingen, Germany

School 3
Schulen des BFI
Vienna, Austria

School 4
Secondary school #8 of I-III grades Odessa, Ukraine

Cluster A

Active citizenship …

… means for us: to be a useful member of your society, using your rights to make informed decisions and choices and to take responsibility for them.

School 1
High School Liceul Teoretic "Mihail Sadoveanu" Calarasi, Moldova

School 2
JU Srednja mješovita škola "17. septembar" Žabljak, Montenegro

School 3
Liceul "George Cǎlinescu" Constanta, Romania

School 4
Srednjoskolski centar Pale (High School Centre Pale), Bosnia and Herzegovina