Cluster A

EYP-Cluster: Active citizenship

The following schools will cooperate: High School Centre (Pale, BIH), Liceul Teoretic ‘ Mihail Sadoveanu’ (Moldova), Liceul Teoretic ‘George Calinescu’ (Romania), Secondary Mixed School ’17 September’ (Montenegro).

On Tue 3rd July, the participants of this cluster were trained together with the people of cluster/Cultural dialogue. The workshop trainers were Danijela Petrovic and Radmila Gosovic. The topic was Active citizenship and Liquid democracy. On the basis of different textes, the complex concept of Liquid democracy was explained by the participants themselves and presented to their colleagues. Afterwards, two groups were built in order to discuss the Pro and Contra in a very concise and informative form. The participants were trained to play roles, even if their personal opinion during the discussion was different to the position they had to argue. Due to these tools ‘Liquid democracy’ became more sharpened.


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