Meeting of the cluster CULTURAL DIALOGUE

Bor, 19th and 20th Oct 2012

That meeting was attended by 16 students and 7 teachers from 4 schools (see below). The aim was to find a common project frame according to the main theme CULTURAL DIALOGUE within ‘Empowering Young People’.
The participants decided to work on the topic ‘erasing frontiers by knowing our similiarities and differences’. That is the frame for the common project which shall be realized by the four schools on a local level.
The students created a project plan for the regional dimension of the project (tasks, persons to be involved, schedule …).

Following schools took part: Economy and Trade School (Bor, Serbia),
Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Schule (Tuttlingen, Germany),
Secondary school #8 of I-III grades (Izmail, Ukraine),
Schulen des BFI (Vienna, Austria).

Reflexion Round 2

EYP-audio shortcut from the Budva meeting (recorded on 3rd July)
Cultural Dialogue – Implications and inputs for school projects
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EYP-Cluster: Cultural dialogue

The following schools will cooperate: Kaufmaennische Schulen des BFI (Vienna, Austria) Ekonomosko Trgovinska Skola, (Bor, Serbia) Kaufmaennische Schule (Tuttlingen, Germany), Secondary School (Odessa, Ukraine).

On Mon 2nd July, the participants of this cluster were trained together with the people of cluster/Active citizenship. The workshop trainers were Danijela Petrovic and Radmila Gosovic. The topic was InterCultural Dialogue. During the workshop, the participants were trained to focus on understanding of influences of cultural differences and barriers during intercultural interaction and dialogue. The participants were divided into three groups that represented three different cultures. Especially, this simulation process inside the groups brought important inputs to the participants how to be aware of each other and how to solve issues.


Planning the Cluster Events …

Regional Planning Workshop July 2nd to July 4th at Budvar:

The cluster teams will discuss the cluster events and activities for the project period september to december 2012.

In each cluster event four school teams take part – in total at least thirty people. Locally, out of school partners are invited. The aim of the cluster meeting is to develop a joint project with regional relevance. The cluster meeting is scheduled for two days (eyp-editorial team).