Reflexion Round 4

EYP-audio shortcut at the Budva meeting (recorded on 3rd July)
Cluster D – Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship – Implications and inputs for school projects
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EYP-Cluster: Social responsibility and entrepreneurship – concepts and ideas

The following schools will work together in this cluster: Secondary mixed school „Beco Basic“ (Plav, Montenegro), Financial Banking College (Chisinau, Moldova), Superior School of Commerce „N.Kretzulescu“ (Bucarest, Romania) and Public Institution Secondary School of Economics (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

On Tue 3rd July, proposals were collected for concepts and projects. In that phase it was important that ideas to be realized should come originally from the students and that we should not forget the aspect of cooperation between the schools and the implication of social responsibility. The workshop trainesr were Michael Poell and Azra Vukovic.

Planning the Cluster Events …

Regional Planning Workshop July 2nd to July 4th at Budvar:

The cluster teams will discuss the cluster events and activities for the project period september to december 2012.

In each cluster event four school teams take part – in total at least thirty people. Locally, out of school partners are invited. The aim of the cluster meeting is to develop a joint project with regional relevance. The cluster meeting is scheduled for two days (eyp-editorial team).